Keto and Me

A word or two about Keto. Years ago after my last child was born I took up hot yoga and Atkins. It was magic because I journeyed into a new me that was toned and 50 lbs lighter. It was a joy to get dressed.

Fast forward through a few major life changes and a body that is 15 years older add in the fact that what worked then doesn’t work now. Wouldn’t it be nice if answers were just there waiting for us to pick up like a hat on a hook? Atkins had solved an issue I hadn’t identified until recently which is I’ve always had IBS. I suffered but didn’t know it was something anyone else went through. I didn’t connect the dots until the Keto wave hit me. And that’s where my new chapter begins.

Instagram introduced me to a very supportive and friendly group of people — Keto people. Now, keto, low-carb, gluten-free, all kind of overlap, for me. I can eat rice noodles and not have any IBS symptoms but it’s not low carb. I feel great eating a gluten-free diet but I don’t lose weight. When I follow a strict keto diet, I also need to intermittent fast to lose weight. It’s the only way for me. Other people — other solutions. Because, I have no thyroid and I take a hormone replacement, both with t-3 and t-4, it would seem that my body holds onto carbs more than before my thyroidectomy.

There are certain foods, however, I will not be able to live without tasting again. When I return home to where I lived for the first 32 years of my life, I indulge in the foods that make me feel like the old me. — It’s magic when food returns us to our youth and memories of people and times.

I always return to my healthy way which is Low-carb/high fiber/ high fat/moderate protein. My body likes the Keto way. I know there are many versions and names of this basic style of eating but I use the term Keto for the sake of understanding. I’m no purist. I’m just here to share the food I love. Ah, food!