Lulu-Ann. Just call me Lulu.

I’m a Canadian expat, over 50 and cooking since I was a young girl of nine is how I’d describe myself, somewhat.

My passion for cooking started when I watched Julia Child and the Frugal Gourmet on Vermont PBS in the early 70’s.   It seemed I was able to taste in my mind what they were cooking and from that first evening on,  I reproduced their recipes to the best of my ability in my parents’ kitchen with whatever ingredients were available, learning immediately to improvise.  Astonishingly, my memory was excellent for anything kitchen or food.  I didn’t know it at the time obviously, but it was unusual for a child to be like this.

I think of recipes as gentle suggestions and conceptual thinking.

Oh, and I love Christ, family, home-making, my dogs, painting, yoga, Pilates, being outside, on/in/near water and loads more – too much to write without surely losing your interest.

I began this life-blog of my food-life for my children and anybody else who might meander by and enjoy. Maybe I’ll start adding my art here instead of compartmentalizing.

Now stop reading and eat your food before it gets cold.