Keto Stewed Peppers & Beef


Beef chuck makes a fantastic stewing beef because it’s flavorful and tenders up nicely when stewed. It’s super Keto friendly as its nicely marbled with adequate fat. Yes, fat. Oh, how I love Keto-ing.

Cut your chuck roast into your preferred size for stewing. I find if I cut the pieces too small that sometimes the pieces disappear somewhat. But, cook’s choice here. My preferred size is 1 1/2″ sq. x 1″ – about. Likewise, I keep the red, yellow and green peppers chunky.

Add olive oil to your dutch and brown your beef in batches, sprinkling with S&P, allowing for a nice medium brown to develop on your meat. Return all your ingredients, beef, peppers, chunky onion, and water to just about the top of your mixture. Add a bay leaf per cup of water, cover and continue cooking stove top or in your oven at 350F. Mine was tender after an hour. Remove the bay leaves, taste and adjust seasoning. People have been known to find a bay leaf in their food around here. My family doesn’t care if I tell them to just put it to the side but I ‘d probably not do that to company. This is simple and beefy.

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