Keto Easy Garlic Roast Chicken Thighs


This chicken recipe is easy and a good choice for planned-ahead meal preparation. I freeze two pieces in a package so there is some available when hunger hits or just for ease of use.

Costco has great bulk amounts of pieces or even whole birds. Here, I’ve use thighs, skin and all. They’re Keto friendly.

In the bottom of the pan pour olive oil, S&P, crushed garlic or granulated, place your raw chicken and coat thoroughly. Arrange your pieces separately and make sure the skin is placed nicely and face up. I cooked these at 425F for about 40 min but really I go by how nice and brown the skin is and how rendered is the fat. We usually eat some right away and put the rest in the fridge. Then fat and juices congeal around the chicken pieces and I incorporate that into the baggies when I package them the next day.

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