Creamy Basil & Goats Cheese Pasta

Basil and goats cheese are a match made in heaven, simply put. This is a scrumptious dish with just the right amount of freshness and brightness that fresh basil and goats cheese gives a creamy sauce.  It will wow your friends and family.

Start with your base of butter and finely diced onion softening on medium heat. Add smashed garlic, salt and pepper – soften a little more. Add flour to make your roux and heat through without browning your mixture. Whisk in your milk and bring to a gentle simmer, stirring so as your mixture doesn’t stick to the bottom. Once at a gentle simmer add ample goats cheese and stir to melt. Remove from heat and pour over your cooked pasta – here I used spaghettini.  Throw in your fresh torn basil and also some puréed basil. Stir and taste and adjust your seasoning. Enjoy.

A note about Macaroni (pasta of choice) and Cheese dishes – they’re traditionally baked after assembly with a sprinkling of crushed cracker and butter and perhaps parsley mixture on top. This baking process firms  up the dish and creates a crispy top layer that people love.  I’m torn between baking for the crispy top and serving it freshly mixed into its creamy, cheesy sauce because, well, like I said – creamy!  Enjoy this however you like it most.

As well, when the dish is fancied up with a personal ingredient of choice – herbs, spices, mushrooms, jalapeños, curry, diced tomatoes,  anything at all – it’s fun to use different pastas to accentuate your personal style.  I’ve nothing against macaroni, it’s traditional and friendly.  But there are so many pastas so why not experiment?

From me with love

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