Hunter’s Mushroom Linguini


This version of a Hunter’s sauce is heavy on mushrooms with a bit of bacon to lend a Smokey flavor.

I used shiitake, porcini and baby portabella mushrooms. The smallest ones I left whole and slice the others -discarding the shiitake stem as it can be tough. I sautéed them down in a bit of butter and added white wine and thyme. I reduced this and added beef base and tomato paste and more white wine. I simmered this and added leeks and onions and I sweat them along with a couple diced tomatoes. Simmer and add a bit of bacon -if you add too much the bacon will take over and this will be a bacon sauce. Then add a little cream and reduce. Taste and season last because the bacon will add salt. This is very nice with some heat so if you like add some chili flakes. Finish with a bit of garnish-here I added sliced green onion which worked very well.

Easy and Mushroomy


I put all the cooked pasta with a bit of pasta water in a large serving dish and toss with a bit of my sauce them add more on top and garnish.

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