Braised Wine Thyme Chicken



Excellent keeper recipe. Simple ingredients.  Five star flavors.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Begin with a fresh washed whole chicken.  My pot holds two birds and I feed a large family.  But, this will work even with chicken pieces in the quantity you want to cook.




Brown your chicken that you’ve seasoned with salt and pepper in an oven-proof pot – I use my large Dutch oven. Brown it breast side first and then turn to brown the other side.  Return to breast side up and place the onion, chopped parsley, shallot and bouquet of fresh thyme around the chicken.  Pour in your wine.  One chicken is half a bottle and two chickens is a whole bottle.  I use Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.  Season again with salt and pepper.

I bring this to a hot simmer and then put the lid on and then into the oven.  About an hour later you have a succulent chicken with a flavorful sauce. Remove the lid for a bit with the heat on high to brown the tops of the chicken beautifully.

I serve on a bed of mashed potatoes with sauce and sprinkled finely chopped fresh parsley.

I like more sauce than the average person for the purposes of sopping with bread.





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