Braised Wild Salmon


This salmon is pan seared and finished cooking crispy side up in white wine.  When done this fish is delicate and the sauce is yummy on your favorite accompaniment.  If you’re going carb free you might want to serve this with a side of mashed celeriac and cauliflower.

Here I bought a side of wild salmon and washed it in cold water after removing the skin.  I portioned them by cutting them into 2” pieces and seasoned them with salt and pepper.  In a nonstick pan on medium high heat, I browned them in a mixture of butter and olive oil and turned them to sear them off on the other side. Here it’s important to sear them for the flavoring it gives your braising liquid and sauce.  So really make sure you get a crisp on your fish.  When both sides are done throw in your finely diced shallots and pour in your white wine – I use Sauvignon Blanc. This is a wonderful moment in the cooking process as the steam sizzles and rises.  It’s a treat for the senses.  I toss in my dill and cover to let finish.  Once the lid is on I would say it only needs ten minutes of a gentle simmer.  If fish is over cooked it becomes tough-ish.

Simply serve by putting your potato on your plate, place your salmon across the potato and spoon on your sauce. Sprinkle with some more fresh dill.  Voila.


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