Roti Bread (yeast and egg free)

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt (more or less as you like)
  • Add water enough to turn this into a ball.  Add more flour to stop it from sticking to your hand or surface.  Kneed for a couple minutes using the heel of your hand.
  • Now set aside in your bowl and cover with plastic wrap or a cloth for ten minutes or so.
  • -For pizza roll this out into any shape .  I like the look of a long rectangle and it cooks evenly and doesn’t get wet in the center when making pizza.  This dough can be elastic-ey to roll out but just keep at it.

Pizza crust – cook this off before you add your toppings.

For bread to enjoy with stews cook then in an uncreased skilled, flipping it over when the first side shows signs of forming bubbles.  When cooked, brush on a bit of melted butter.  Repeat this process until you’ve run out of dough.

When I make this as bread to accompany a meal, I make a double recipe and tear 1 tsp of dough off at a time, rolling it out into a circle.  I cook them as above and stack them- covered-to stay warm.

Chewy and simple.



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