Crispy Roti Mushroom Pizza

IMG_1289Born out of a love for Sautéed mushrooms, this pizza flatbread makes a great appetizer.

Please see recipe for Roti bread for the crust.

Set oven to 500 degrees

Mushroom topping is prepared by slicing a variety of mushrooms-oyster, button, shiitake-any your grocer carries.  Sometimes I can find packages of premixed “exotic” mushrooms and that makes this even easier.

With butter in you pan  add your finely diced shallots and soften.  Add in your mushrooms and start to toss them and let them caramelize at which point deglaze with a little sherry (white wine works too but doesn’t lend as much sweetness.) Now to make the creamy but thick sauce for the pizza add flour (the same amount at butter-about 1tbsp per flatbread pizza .) Stir and blend.  Toss in your chilli flakes to your heat factor of your liking , fresh de-stemmed thyme, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.  Heat and toss in pan (or stir.)  Now add cream enough to make a sauce and reduce to thickened.  Yum.

Now spritz your crust with olive oil completely to the edges, spoon your mushroom mixture on your pizza and arrange your finely slivered red onions on top.

Bake for about 8 minutes but really just watch it and let the edges of onion and your crust brown.  When it’s sizzling you are ready to retrieve it from the oven and garnish with finely chopped green onion.

I’d love to hear if you tried this or even if this was an inspiration for your own version .

Artistic note-I’ll make this again and photograph my mushroom pizza on a different background as my cutting board doesn’t show off how fantastic this dish tastes.  Spicey, creamy, sweet and mushroom-ey.




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