Rose (Ros-eh) Proscuitto Rigatoni


This creamy sauce has a salty sweet smooth texture and when combined with a ribbed rigatoni, is a match made in Heaven.

Start with softening finely diced onion.  Add your smashed clove of garlic, stir.  Add your finely sliced and ribboned prosciutto and heat through on a higher heat and deglaze with red vermouth-reduce just a little.  Add your diced tomatoes, tomato paste and your favorite tomato sauce and heat through, stirring. Add your heavy whipping cream and bring to almost a boil- very very low simmer, stirring.  Season with S&P ( what I should have written is sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, but I’m being lazy) after tasting as the prosciutto contributes already to the saltiness.

Although this post is a little lackluster this wonderfully satisfying dish is not and tastes heartier than you might think because of the Italian ham flavor.

Your guests, family or people you’ve lured into your home from the aromas will thank you.

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  1. mistimaan says:

    Nice recipe

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