Curried Macaroni and Cheese


In this photo I’ve use the classic elbow noodle but I love using penne or farfalle for a bistro flare.

It’s best to set a pot of salted water to boil while you prepare your sauce and cook your noodles after you have prepared your sauce so you can mix freshly cooked noodles with the sauce allowing you to not have to deal with noodles that have bonded.

In your sauce pan add your butter and finely diced onion and sauté until your onions are soft.  To your onion add your curry, turmeric, chili flakes and garlic, stir and blend allowing your spices to heat through.  Add an equal amount of flour and stir, cooking the flour in the butter but not allowing to brown very much or at all.  Whisking add a bit of your milk at a time and continue whisking to create a smooth creamy base.  Whisk, keeping the bottom from burning or browning and bring to a simmer.  Watch your sauce thicken.  Reduce the heat and now stir in your diced cheese.  There’s no magic cheese combination except I can say that after using any and all of the cheeses the base should be a Swiss or Jarlsberg  and your best Vermont extra sharp cheddar.  After these two you can add or not add any other cheese types.  Season with salt and pepper.  Taste and adjust your seasoning.

In your favorite casserole, I like to use a white one for this dish, pour your sauce over your noodles and stir adding your fresh ribboned basil.  You can serve this right away and it’s wonderfully creamy or you can bake to get a crispy top.  Either way, this is delicious.  It’s nice served with a fresh salad or coleslaw for a fresh crunch to go with the smooth creaminess of your macaroni and cheese.

Smiles all around.

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  1. mistimaan says:

    Nice recipe

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