Keto Raspberry Trifle

I used whipped cream on the top and almond extract in the raspberry cream because, yum.


2 cups fresh washed raspberries

2 cups cooked and cooled raspberries

16 oz room temperature cream cheese

2 cups ricotta

Your favorite plain keto cookie, or 1 minute mug cake, enough for 3 layers in your dish. Non- Ketoers use lady fingers.

Small carton full fat whipping cream

Swerve or your favorite sugar replacement

Almond extract

1 bunch fresh washed mint


Raspberry Creme

Mix together until light, with an electric mixer, your ricotta and the cream cheese. Add 2 cups fresh raspberries and stir. Add a splash of almond extract and a 2 tsp of Swerve or your favorite powdered sugar replacement. 

Cooked Raspberries

Simmer Raspberries until hot and soft. Stir in 2 tsp of your sweetener. Set aside.

Whipping Cream

Whip up your whipping cream and add 2 tsp of almond extract


Line the bottom of your vessel of choice with your cookie or low carb replacement — even mug in a cup will do, sliced and used as a cookie layer — spoon your cookie layer with cooked raspberries, spoon your raspberry creme over it and place another layer of sponge fingers on top, spoon your cooked raspberries over your cookie layer — repeat. Finish with your fresh whipped cream, decorate with raspberries and mint. Refrigerate and serve cold. This is a light and fresh dessert that would give any tiramisu a run for it’s money. Plus, it’s eye catching and, raspberries.

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  1. Ragnhild says:

    Oh man, this looks sooo good😍😍

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