Perfect Basic Burger



The perfect burger has a fantastic beef flavor, a hold-it-all-together fresh bun, is juicy and has whatever toppings you use to create a themed burger like, Tavern, 4th of July, Southwestern, mushroom & swiss, basil & fresh mozzerella or anything you can dream up.

I’ve been on the search for the perfect basic burger and I’d like to share this recipe with you.  You can add any toppings you like.

I’ve also discovered that the overall result of a burger meal is improved if I dress each burger the same and present them on a platter as opposed to putting the dressings and condiments out for people to do as they wish, unless of ofcourse it’s the 4th of July.

The tastiest burger meat comes from your butcher when he grounds the meat you choose for your mix.  I’ve found that a combination of short rib, chuck and brisket makes a very beefy burger.

“Thrillist” provides this image of beef cuts & wine pairings.beef cuts

I’ve tried all the buns and really you can even use a mini ciabatta bun which toasts perfectly and stays together even with a barrage of sauce and beef drippings.  Here in the photo above I’ve used a potato bun, toasted it and sopped up the burger drippings from the pan on which the burgers were carried in from the barbecue and sauteed mushrooms.  For the mushrooms I use shiitake,  baby portobello and button.  I sauté them with salt and pepper and then did a reduction with Marsala wine.

So you’ve now got your perfect beef combination, your bun and all that’s left besides salt and pepper is cooking.  Loosen your belts cause this gets a little crazy.  When you grill your patty, baste it with a little butter. Yes, butter.  You don’t have to tell anybody and you will be very pleased with yourself as they roll their eyes in pleasure as they eat your scrumptious offering.  Try it just once at least.

Get your grill fantastically hot, have water on the side to put out any fires and grill away, adding sea salt and freshly ground black pepper just before you lay them on the grill.  Salt and pepper the other side once they’re on the grill.  When you’ve got that perfect crispy brown on one side and the meat is beginning to get cooked on the side of your patty, flip it and now close the lid and turn down the heat.  Stay with your grill.  All this takes about 15 minutes, at the most, but every grill is a little different so you have to get to know yours.  I take mine off the grill and usually serve my burgers medium.  I let them sit under loose foil to rest.

Toast and butter your buns.  Use the bottom bun to sop some burger drippings for each burger.  Add your patty and that is your very basic beefy burger.

Here’s the toasted ciabatta version of the basic burger.



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