Lobster Roll


Firstly, buy too many live lobster and have a lobster dinner.  Put the extra cooked lobster in the fridge overnight.

Next day bonus lobster!  Shell your lovely lobster making sure there are no bits of shell.  Clean and slice green onion and wedge your lemons cutting out the vein at the center, which releases the seeds and assures easy squeezing.

In a bowl assemble your chunky chopped lobster, mayonnaise, green onion, salt and pepper.

Toast your hot dog or other similarly sized and shaped buns, and butter each inner side.  Now assemble by scooping your lobster filling into the buns and serve with ribboned lettuce and lemon wedges.  This is so fresh and the cool lobster against the toasted buttered buns is the best there is.


One  1 1/2 lb lobster, 2 Tbsp mayonnaise, one green onion,  and one lemon will give you approximately 3 lobster rolls.  So buy your lobster the day before accordingly.  Don’t forget to season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

A variation would be to add Tarragon.  But try it like this first.



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