Sicilian Pork Ribs


Hail the pork rib.

Slice the ribs apart.  I use two racks for this recipe, because I shop at Costco.  You can blanch them or not.  I was originally taught to do so, and I recommend doing it even just once to see if you find a significant difference.  In a large pot with enough surface area on the bottom to brown and not steam your ribs, heat your olive oil and drop them in only allowing one layer of ribs so as they caramelize.  If your pot doesn’t accommodate all the ribs and that’s unlikely, take the browned ones out and repeat with the next ribs.  Now that all your ribs are browned gloriously and they’re removed from the pan add your onion and optionally red pepper.  When the onion and pepper is hot add the ribs back to the pot, salt and pepper generously and add your tomato sauce.  To the sauce add your 4 or 6 bayleaves, nice fresh ones, sea salt and freshly ground pepper.  Now walk away and let it simmer on low, lid just cracked, for 2-3 hours.


Remove the ribs and serve separately or just arranged around your linguini that you’ve tossed in the sauce, sans bayleaf. It’s nice to garnish with chopped parsley

This seems maybe too simple.  However, try it and see.  It’s incredible.


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