Mushroom and Lemon Angel Hair


Now realizing I should have wiped my cleaver and removed my tongs, I will nevertheless  present this dish because who knows,  maybe you need this today, although I may update this photo.  It’s amazing and easy.  If you don’t have a fantastic clever in your drawer you might want to get one and use it for all things cutting.  It speeds things up considerably.

Put a large lidded pot of fresh cold water on to boil.

Rinse your button, baby portobello and wild mushrooms and set to dry on your cutting board.  Yes, I wash my mushrooms.  I do it quickly and just roll them around a colander under cold running water.  It takes seconds to remove all the dirt and leaves me with a good feeling about the fact we’re not eating grit or who knows what.

Rinse and prep your green onions and chop in to 1 inch pieces, or so.  Dice a cooking onion, nicely. Nicely means make sure all the pieces of onion are the same size.  It takes little longer in the beginning to train your hands to do this but it pays off in spades later on when your pace has picked up.  Slice  your button mushrooms, again similar thickness to each other but leave your wild mushrooms whole or just tear them to a nice size.  Dice your shallot and garlic finely.

In a 3″ or 4″ high sided skillet melt your butter on low/med and sauté your onions and shallots until hot and beginning to emit a lovely oniony aroma.  Add your Mushrooms and thyme and continue to sauté on med high.  When the mushrooms have begun to give way to the heat and are soft, add your salt and pepper and white wine.  Reduce,  This should be cooking and steaming nicely for you now.  When the wine is almost gone, add your heavy cream.  Stir.  Bring to a simmer and reduce cream by half.  Grate in your lemon zest and remove from heat.

By now your water should be in a rolling boil so add salt to the water to make it salty and then cook your pasta of choice, here angel hair is a delicate pairing for your finely chopped ingredients and the delicateness of the mushrooms. It is best not to completely cook your pasta as it needs to stand up to being tossed in your sauce.  I always test my pasta and make sure its firm without being crunchy.

When your noodles are just right use your tongs and add them to the sauce.  This will add a little pasta water to the sauce and make it just the right amount of moisture to coat the noodles in your sauce.  Stir gently by lifting the noodles through the sauce with the heat on still.  When coated now you season if needed with salt.  Add your freshly ground pepper, remove sprigs of thyme and serve as such in a large bowl and garnish with some fresh slivered very long green onions and squeeze your reserved lemon halves on top for people to see and enjoy as they take their food.  It’s aromatic, beautiful and delicious.



1 cup Sauvignon Blanc

3-4 sprigs washed thyme

2 cloves finely chopped garlic

whole shallot minced finely

large yellow onion diced evenly

3-4 green onions mostly chopped and some sliced lengthwise for garnish

1 pint heavy cream

zest of one lemon and reserved lemon cut in two

sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 cup (approximately) button mushrooms, baby portobello mushrooms and wild mushrooms – each

Angel Hair pasta 1 lb






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