A Few Things

I think of recipes as gentle suggestions. Make everything your own. Sometimes I pick something I want to perfect and make it again and again until it’s, well, perfect!

I wish I had started keeping track of my recipes and cooking 20 years ago. I’m doing it now and it will never the the same but that’s what I love about cooking. It changes with me. My style has changed lately as I’ve come across a few food allergies in an attempt to sort through some health issues. In doing so, I’ve been on a steep learning curve landing squarly in the Keto camp and Internittent fasting. This is not about fasting. This is about the unfasting part of being conscious of food. Anybody can cook. Anybody. And we can all cook better. Good technique, good tools, good ingredients and passion. Yes bring your passion and your seasoning. Now tie up your apron and lets get to it.

Right: Asian fried Pork on Vermicelli rice noodles.

Welcome to my kitchen

I’ve had a love for food and cooking for people since I was a young girl. At some age, after watching Julia Child, for some reason, I was allowed to reproduce what had been demonstrated on PBS. I was captivated. I guess it was good enough because I was never stopped from cooking and trying any recipe I had found. I didn’t know about technique, tools, ingredients, searing, sauces, seasoning..nothing. I just emulated what I saw and somehow, I was good at it. I came up with food flavors, textures, balance and things were well seasoned. Luck? Skill? Talent? I don’t know. I just love food.

Slow roasted beef chuck in taco seasoning with a garlicky cilantro sauce and a crunchy cabbage and daikon slaw. I used a low carb/high fiber tortilla.

Keto Fathead pizza dough with fresh tomato, olives, onion and basil. Of course Mozzarella! Honestly, keto-ing is not depriving at all once you’re willing to modify.

Seafood Fettuccine Alfredo